Climate accountability as a fulcrum
for climate stewardship.
CAI Projects

Climate Accountability Institute will publicize the results of Richard Heede’s project to quantify cumulative and annual fossil fuel and cement production. This work has been done in conjunction with and support from other interested international NGOs. The methodology and results are currently being peer-reviewed, and an article for submission to a scientific journal is being drafted.

Planned projects that are now in the early stages of formulation:

CAI Activities

In June 2012, the Climate Accountability Institute co-sponsored a two-day workshop with Union of Concerned Scientists on “Climate Accountability, Public Opinion, and Legal Strategies Workshop” held at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in June 2010 with a select group of invited experts in the attribution of climate change to fossil fuel producers, climate and causality, tobacco litigation, and the history of tobacco control.

The group explored the efforts to control tobacco that may be applicable to climate litigation, public education, and scientific assessments of attribution of climate change to anthropogenic causes.

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